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Crop protection chemicals' co-formulated mixtures have been developed for a variety of reasons, including synergistic effects, improving efficacy against one pest or a range of pests, and other desirable properties such as flexibility of application. However, FERTAGRO AFRICA DMCC keeping these benefits with be balance against potential compromises in effectiveness, e.g. when targeting multiple pests there may be conflicts for the individual species in appropriate application timings and threshold levels. Particular consideration should be given to indicate what benefits the mixture may deliver in comparison to a solo active product, to ensure there is no unnecessary over use of insecticides, FERTAGRO AFRICA DMCC is targetting in supply of special combo products to the farmers.


Profenophos 400 EC + Cypermethrin 40 EC

Used to control boll worms in various vegetable crops,

Chlorofyrifos 500 EC + Cypermethrin 50 EC

Non-systemic insecticide used to control wide range of insects of Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera, flies and other insects.