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Crop protection chemicals are one of the key inputs for crop protection and better yield during pre-harvest stage. Judicious use of crop protection chemicals supports sustainable farm management and delivers socio-economic benefits to meet the challenges of feeding an ever-growing population. The development of chemicals to protect agricultural crops is an important activity within the chemical industry. Without them, many crops would suffer dramatic losses. Some of these chemicals, the insecticides, are also very important in combating human and animal diseases. The environmental and toxicological properties of these chemicals have improved considerably over the last six decades. FERTAGRO aims to supply chemicals that are not just potent but are specific for the required purpose, whilst not affecting the environment in any other way. Because pests may develop resistance to crop protection chemicals there is a continual need for new products to be developed.





    Herbicide, an agent, usually chemical, for killing or inhibiting the growth of unwanted plants, such as residential or agricultural weeds and invasive species. A great advantage of chemical herbici...

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    Crop protection chemicals' co-formulated mixtures have been developed for a variety of reasons, including synergistic effects, improving efficacy against one pest or a range of pests, and other ...

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    Fungicides are pesticides that kill or prevent the growth of fungi and their spores. They can be used to control fungi that damage plants, including rusts, mildews and blights. They might also be used...

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    These are toxic substance that is used to kill insects. Such substances are used primarily to control pests that infest cultivated plants or to eliminate disease-carrying insects in specific plant t...

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