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In today’s world, there is always a race for higher yields and fertilizers have become the key to ensuring good crop and better yields. As we put our emphasis on Agro products as a major part of our trading business, we equally understand the essential role of our Fertilizers in helping us compliment the core business of agro commodity trading.


We provide competitive pricing and quality fertilizer products in the major markets of our fertilizer business, which are mainly the African and Asian markets. Continually, our efforts remain to minimize the logistical issues and provide a smooth delivery of goods. Having this trouble free happy experience of trading enables us to have long-term business relationship with our clients.


We offer many varities of fertilizers " Taylor " made, to know more please write to us ...


  • UREA


    It is also known as carbamide, is a safe, useful compound with significant history. It is naturally occurring molecule that is produced by protein metabolism. Urea is the most important product of pro...

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    Sulphur is a multivalent non metallic element which is tasteless, odoourless, brittle solid that is pale yellow in colour used in manufacture of fertilizers

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  • NPK


    Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, or NPK, are the 3 primary major nutrients in commercial fertilizers. Each of these fundamental nutrients plays a key role in plant nutrition

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    Rock phosphate is a long standing fertilizer known for keeping plants healthy and encouraging new growth. The fertilizers derived out of Rock phosphate elicit positive responses to crop

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    Ammonium Sulphate is an inorganic sulphate salt The most common use is as a soil fertilizer and It is used as an artificial fertilizer for alkaline soils. It also contributes nitrogen, which aids in p...

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  • SOP


    SOP improves quality and crop yield. SOP has been known to improve the look and taste of the foods and can improve a plant’s ability to absorb essential nutrients like phosphorus and iron

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  • MOP


    MOP or potassium Chloride is the most commonly employed potash fertilizer and can be used to farm a variety of foods, particularly chloride-loving vegetables such as sugar beets, corn, celery and swis...

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  • DAP


    Di-Ammonium Phosphate popularly known as DAP as a preferred fertilizer because it contains both Nitrogen and Phosphorus which are primary macro nutrients and part of 18 essential nutrients. DAP contai...

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